What is Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing?

Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, is one of the most exhilarating sports and combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, and more. Ride wherever you want with only the tranquil sound of the wind in your ears. Jump 30 feet off flat water without a ramp. Surf more waves in one day than you ever thought possible.

How much wind is needed?

The short answer is 10 knots and up, but it’s always more fun with more wind. Yes.. it’s possible to kite in 8-9 knots or so but it requires more skills and can be frustrating. The steadier the wind the better.

Can ” I ” learn kiteboarding?

“I’m only 10 years old!”
“I’m over 60!”
“I’m only 100 lbs and don’t have much upper body strength”
“I weight 200 ”
“I’ve never windsurfed/surfed.”
” Can I do this? “
Yes you Can!
Your age, weight, or past experiences are none-excuses. As
long as have the desire to learn, and are willing to follow our
recommendations then you ll be able to learn Kiteboarding and
enjoy it!!!
“Welcome to Kiteboarding!!

Do I need to be in good shape to kiteboard?

A basic level of fitness is all you need. Modern gear can be adjusted to work for people in a broad range of physical abilities.

What about girls?

The more the better! There are many of ladies who kiteboard, and we would all love to see a lot more! Ladies usually learn faster than men, are more attentive and don’t use their strength as much as we do!!!!

Do I need any skills before I take a lesson?

You should be able to swim, and be confident in deep water. Also we recommend spending 2 or 3 hours flying a 2 line trainer kite. Having kite flying skills makes the learning curve for kiteboarding a lot quicker and more fun..

What equipment do I need to Kitesurf?

Complete equipment includes a board, a kite, a control bar with safety systems, a set of lines, a harness, a helmet and a life vest. You might need a wetsuit or a rash guard according to the weather conditions.

When is the best time to come to Mexico for Kitesurfing?

Normally the best period is from October until the end of May on the Riviera Maya Coast, and till end of July in the “Golf of Mexico” area. Even summer time(June/July/August) gives us some very good Kiteboarding days.

How many students do you teach per teacher?

We teach mostly private lesson or group lesson with a maximum of 2-3 students per instructor. This is the best teaching method and allow a much easier, faster and safer learning process. If you are bigger group of friends or family we also can offer 4 students per instructor.

What courses do we offer for beginners?

We offer a 3 day course for beginners. This is our recommended “package lesson” for any one wishing to learn all the necessary skills to have a safe and fun start to kiteboarding. By the end of our “3 Days Beginner lesson” you should be water starting and have gained a lot of confidence with the kite and board!

Can I purchase gear with PDC Kiteboarding?

Yes! PDCK is an authorised dealer for “Slingshot Kites/Wake” and “North Kiteboarding”. You will be taught with the latest and most appropriate gear and will be able to get your own at the end of you course. PDCK students get a special discount on used and New Kitesurfing gear!

What can we do if there is no wind?

Playa del Carmen offers plenty of other Water activities such as SUP – Stand up paddleboarding, Windsup – paddleboarding and windsurfing sail in one, Wakeboarding, Snorkeling tours to the reefs. We “Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding” organise Scuba Diving and offers PADI Lifetime Certification courses or Reef excursions for those already holding a License. As well we offer Land activities or Tours! And a lot MORE……!!!