Just a 40 min drive from Merida lies another one of the best kitesurfing beaches in Mexico. On the coast of Progreso, a port city in Yucatan, local and international kiters come together to live their passion. Progreso is one of the windiest places in Mexico The wind is very consistent and clean, it blows almost all year around with the strongest winds from November-June. The water is shallow until about 100m out with a small shore break with small waves and chop depending on the speed of the wind. The north wind can be strong which creates bigger waves. Sometimes you can view dolphins while kitesurfing. Still kind of a secret Kitespot it’s the place to go as a Kiter. When the wind is side offshore there are other secret remote spots near by.



We are continuing chasing over the wind when it is getting light or the season is coming to the end in Riviera Maya. We organise 3 – 7 days trips to Progreso, mostly in June-July. The pickup and drop off point is Playa del Carmen downtown. Kitesurfing on tropical summer days with a thermal breeze and sun, escape the crowded tourist areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen and get to know the real Mexico. We will take you to this idyllic spot, a biosphere reserve, uncrowded, with white sandy beaches, wild tropical jungle, turquoise waters and beautiful sunset kitesurfing sessions. The friendly Mexican locals from Progreso and Merida town are gonna welcome you. Beachfront houses are available for reasonable prices there is possibility to camp right at the kitespot for additional small fee thanks to our friend camp Yuckite owner.
Note: Food, drinks and accommodations are not included.

Season: The wind is good almost all year round, except for September

Best months: February – June

Riding Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Wind speed: Wind varies from 8-35 knots

Water: Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small wave

Wind Direction: Thermal wind (north east) kicks in around 12-2 p.m. – side on shore wind which is quite strong and constant. Sometimes the wind can come from Northwest to North, to NNE its when the wind is quite onshore, usually very strong, and often gusty.

Beach: It is a very wide open sandy beach, plenty space for launching with a little bit of shells at places.

Next Big City: Merida, Cancun

Facilities: Rooms, School, Shop, Repair, Rental, Camping, Food, Parking









What’s really exciting about this spot is the option to rent a beachfront villa and plan an epic group trip. Villas and condos are surprisingly affordable and split between a group of people are the best option.
BOOKING.COM is a great place to see what’s available for hotels.
AirBNB is where the winners are at. Beachfront villas, studios, and homes at prices that will literally blow you away. You and your entire crew of any size can literally live in luxury here for the same price. Nothing beats a kite trip with the crew!
Hotel Rooms in the area start at around $30 USD with the most flashy options being around $150.
If you wish to stay right at the kitespot camping zone there will be only 100 pesos (5 USD) fee. In the camp side you will be able to use toilets, showers, wifi and kitchenette.





Progreso is hidden gem on the Northern end of the Yucatan peninsula, which is located 40 minutes north of Merida, 4 hours drive from Playa del Carmen or 4.5 hours west of Cancun is a small beachfront community with miles of sandy beach, friendly locals, access to some of nature’s greatest wonders, and a taste of everything you could want in Mexico.