Wakeboarding is the ultimate no wind cross over activity for kitesurfing. It will teach you the essential board skills that you can then transfer directly to your kitesurfing practice & is the perfect no wind day option.

, WAKEBOARDING, Playa Del Carmen Kiteboarding



Discover the world’s largest wakeboarding complex, located in the Riviera Maya! It will instantly surprise you with its impressive facilities: 5 water lakes, and 3 cable parks to take your wake and kite board skills to the next level!

Compete with your friends and family on the water inflatable circuit, and fly all over the lake on a zip line.

Relax on our Jacuzzi and sun bed Area and, finally, enjoy great food with an amazing view to the complex!

3 Hours Wakeboard Course

150 USD


COURSE DETAILS: Lessons include one to one tuition with our professional wakeboard coach. We start with dry land tuition, followed by a session on the wakeboard.


  • 1 hour of instructions, 2 hours of riding (3 hours total lesson
  • All the necessary equipment including board, lifejackets, helmets.
  • 3 hours pass
, WAKEBOARDING, Playa Del Carmen Kiteboarding

* A reservation is required
** Participants must be able to swim at least 25 metres



The Cable Park kiteboarding lesson is strongly recommended for students who want to learn how to kitesurf but don’t have on-water board skills. When you are learning kiteboarding, you have to master two skills at the same time: board and kite control. Taking a kiteboarding lesson to the Cable Park allows us to focus on the board skills, and combine them with the kite lesson when the wind is on.

Lesson Goals:

  • Learn to ride a kiteboard
  • Practice upwind kiteboarding technique
  • Learn and practice kiteboarding skills required to perform transitions and improve board control and edging



It doesn’t matter what is your age age or how advanced are your board skills… Wakeboarding is seriously fun and dangerously addictive. If you’re a thrill seeker or a group of adrenaline junkies you couldn’t be in more capable hands than with the PDCK team. Whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned rider, or an experienced kitesurfer, we can provide the equipment, tuition and professionalism that will enable you to get the most out of your coaching session. Take your riding to the next level with PDC Kiteboarding in this magical location!


, WAKEBOARDING, Playa Del Carmen Kiteboarding
, WAKEBOARDING, Playa Del Carmen Kiteboarding