Isla Blanca nestled a few km north of Cancun seems to be designed for kitesurfers/kiteboarders. Its pristine coastline doesn’t get much attention except for kiteboarders. Constant winds ensure a great kitesurf, whereas the shallow, flat water of the lagoon provides safe surfing opportunities, suitable even for the novices.The conditions are dreamy for freestyle riders as far as you can see, which is about 10 miles, flat water lagoon with knee to waist deep water sandy bottom and very good wind during the season. The spot can get a bit choppy if the northerly wind is +25knts. North wind cold but very consistent, a 4/3mm or 5/3mm wetsuit is recommended. When it’s north-easterly, the water is butter flat. If the wind is Easterly, it is better to go to La Punta, 5 minutes further along the Isla Blanca strip.



PDCK organise Kiteboarding excursion to Isla Blanca Ikarus kite camp with one of our Vans on regular basis depending on the wind condition. We pick you up from Playa del Carmen downtown, take you for a full unforgettable day to the lagoon where you can either take your lesson with one of our PDCK’s Instructors or rent the gear and ride all day long.
Isla Blanca is one of our favourite kiteboarding destination in Riviera Maya. We mostly go there when the “El Norte” (north winds) blows, as it is off shore here in Playa del Carmen coast.
Note: Food and drinks are not included. Optional lunch thanks to our friends and Camp owner, IKARUS.

Season: November – June

Best months: January, February, March

Riding Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Wind speed: The average wind speed is around 12-25knots. Once a month 2/3 days straight of North wind blowing 25 to 35 knots.

Wind Direction: side on shore, any direction. You can kite all directions of wind here. Northwest,

North and Northeast preferable as they come in clean and strong and the `tide` is higher by a few inches. East and Southeast is the offshore wind that comes across from the ocean to the lagoon, it is clean with less turbulences.

Beach: Small beach at the camp site. La Punta got white sandy beach, big launching and landing area.

Water: Shallow flat water lagoon. Super flat on offshore (East and South East days). Tiny chop on NW, North, and North East days. Waist deep for kilometres.

Facilities: Rooms, Camping, School, Rental, Rescue, Shower, Toilet, Food











Isla Blanca Lagoon is located about 25 min north of Cancun and Punta Sam and is the common name given to the peninsula between the Caribbean sea and the Chacmuchuc Lagoon.
This is one of the best place in Mexico for bone, permit, tarpon and Fly fishing, as well as bird watching (Heron, flamingos and others sea birds).